1. Accreditation and Certification


Proud member of the AEQ (Aventure Écotourisme Québec), B46 has received “Quality-Safety” accreditation and all guides have obtained their certifications in First Aid in remote areas and Safety in Off-Road Vehicles.



The “Quality-Safety Accredited” seal is a guarantee of confidence for all people (travelers from here and elsewhere) who wish to make expeditions out in the great outdoors. As a company accredited “Quality-safety” by the AEQ, B46 demonstrates its commitment to the following criteria:

  • Rigorous safety standards (including: guide / client ratio)
  • Specialized local guides
  • Quality equipment
  • Liability insurance
  • Thorough knowledge of the natural environment
  • An enriching and authentically Quebec experience

Provider of outdoors adventure tourism, B46 has chosen to participate in the “Quality-Safety” accreditation program developed by Aventure Écotourisme Québec and with the financial support of the Ministry of Tourism (MTO). To ensure the highest safety standards, the accreditation includes more than 60 generic variables with rigorous criteria. In addition, there are another set of variables specific to the company activity. Aventure Ecotourisme Quebec demands technical training for guides, conduct inspection and mystery visits to companies as part of the auditing process.


The seal of Aventure Écotourisme Québec “Accredited Quality-Safety” certifies that B46 adheres to the highest standards of safety and quality adopted by adventure and ecotourism professionals in Quebec. This label underlines all the efforts we make day after day, to offer the best of the outdoors experience to our customers. Thus, B46 is committed to providing all the conditions necessary to allow our customers to fully enjoy their adventure tourism trip and does everything in its power to promote respect for the environment.

Quality & Security certified


As the largest provider of remote safety techniques training in Canada, SIRIUSMEDx offers remote first aid courses and hands-on training courses to meet the needs of industries, governments, exploration groups, scientists and outdoor professionals.

The 40-hour Advanced First Aid in Isolated Areas certification provided by SIRIUS MEDx now represents the minimum standard for outdoor professionals working in wild environments. It is strongly recommended for any worker in remote areas. The course content goes well beyond that of urban first aid programs and deepens into aspects specific to first aid administered in remote areas, beyond the reach of emergency medical services.

Loog SiriusMedx


All guides on the B46 team are trained as an Off-Road Vehicle Safety Guide.

Developed by the AEQ label and a committee of experts of which we were part, this training aims to empower personnel who guide groups in off-road vehicles to adopt a safe approach before, during and after the excursion. They are also trained in creating a greater concern for safety among participants.


Thanks to these notions of safety for off-road vehicle excursions, guides improve their skills to:


  • target the risks associated with guided ORV tours;
  • manage these risks safely;
  • pursue a continuous improvement process for the safe supervision of groups in ORVs.

As of December 31, 2021, this certification will be mandatory for all ORV guidance.



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