1. FAQ


Is there any medical assistance in the field?

Medical services may not be immediately available. We travel with a first aid kit developed by SIRIUSMED. Additionally, we carry a satellite contact for emergencies.

How physically demanding is the tour?

On average we will ride 200 km/day. Most of the riding is off-road, We encounter dirt, gravel, shallow water crossing and mug. The fifth day of the 10 days tour is a non-riding day, giving you the chance to enjoy the local amenities

    How many bags am I allowed to bring? Will someone take care of my personal luggage?

    Logistic vehicle is shadowing the tour at all times, and is carrying all the luggage.  Because of limited space you are allowed to bring one midsize bag.

    What about if I get tired in the middle of the ride?

    Should you need a break? Our support vehicle is at your disposal so  you can relax. There is only a limited number of seats available.

    Are the tours a round trip experience?

    Yes, all trips start and end in the same place.

    What type of accommodations are offered in the package?

    Our philosophy is based on the principle of making the tour a genuinely Canadian experience. Therefore we will stay in full service camping lodges, outdoors camping  with all essential services and also we will set up camping out in the wilderness.

    What is the right tour for me?

    Our tours have been designed with a challenging but fun level of difficulty. Our certified guides will share tips in order to contribute with your best performance. It is certainly an experience for all levels of expertise.

    Is there a support vehicle on the tour?

    Yes, we have a support vehicle at all times. Their job is to provide mechanical assistance, luggage handling and setting up camps.

    What if my bike breaks down?

    The logistics vehicle carries a mechanic’s workshop for minor repairs. We also have a spare motorcycle. If necessary, customers who have rented a B46 vehicle will be able to used it free of charge. If you need to replace your own machine, you can rent B46’s backup motorbike for $300 a day.

    How does B46 handle meals?

    All meals are included. Alcoholic beverages are not part of the package. 

    Will I have independence and freedom to travel at my own pace?

    Since the tour takes place almost entirely in the wilderness, it is important for security measures to keep the group together. The role of our guides, among other things, is to ensure that all participants have a homogeneous execution on the motorcycle.

    Is a GPS required?

    Yes, B46 provides participants with a GPS as one more element of our safety policy.

    How many people and what kind of riders are there on a tour?

    Tours are designed for a maximum of 8 guests. The ride is for all levels of expertise, we recommend a certain degree of experience in off-roads.

    Will I have a roommate?

    Yes, if you wish so. You can always reserve a single room in the pouvoiries. While camping you will have your own private tent.

    What kind of weather will we encounter?

    Our season begins in late spring and ends in early fall. Temperatures can vary from 10° C and 25° C. Low probability of rain, but we must always keep in mind that we are in Canada.

    Can I bring my own bike?

    Yes, you can always bring your bike. Make sure that the bike is provided with adventure motorcycle fitted with 40-60 knobby tires.

    Will I need special motorcycle insurance?

    B46 offers insurance that costs CAN$250 per trip. This covers third parties’ liabilities and any incident that occurs to the bike up to a maximum of CAN$2,500. Any excess to this amount must be covered by the guest.

    What is not included in my tour?

    • Gasoline
    • Personal insurance
    • Personal motorcycle equipment
    • Tips and alcohol

    What kind of riding gear should I bring?


    • Adventure motorcycle fitted with 40-60 knobby tires
    • Helmet with visor or goggle
    • Motorcycle boots and gloves
    • Motorcycle jacket and pants
    • Valid driving license


    • Rain gear suitable for adventure motorcycling
    • Bug net
    • Hydration bag or water bottle

    I'd like a custom tour just for me and my friends. Can you arrange it?

    There is always the opportunity to customize our tours. Of course it depends on the availability of the equipment and our collaborators.

    We put at your disposal info@b46.ca to initiate contact.

    Do I need to have a motorcycle license?

    Yes, riders must hold a valid motorcycle license. This applies to both on-road and off-road tours and training events.

    Can you pick me up at the airport? How do I get to the meeting point? Where do I pick up my bike?

    It is advisable to plan your arrival in Montreal at least one day in advance. B46 will coordinate with a third party transportation from Montreal to the location where the tour begins. Upon arrival  B46 will have at your disposal the documentation and the motorcycles to start activities that very same day.

    What language is spoken throughout the tour?

     We are able to handle your reservations and requirements in French, English and Spanish. During the tour, our guides mainly speak French but they also attend any matter in English as well.

    Can you provide riding gear?

    We consider riding gear to be a personal item, therefore we do not offer this service.