The people behind B46’s spirit

B46 is a tight-knit team surrounded by experienced collaborators and partners

  1. Our team

The pillars 

Passion for what we do, pride in sharing our territory, customer orientation and safety above all else

These are the values ​​that motivate us to pursue excellence and provide the best service to our clients.

It is a complex challenge to organize a motorcycle trip through virgin territories, but it is there where our organization grows and constantly looks for solutions.

Each step we take is based on the safety and integrity of all of us who participate in the tours, so safety is the key to all our adventures.

Our reward is to see how our clients are surprised by the beauty of our region and at the end of the road to feel the warmth of a satisfied friend.

Équipe au travail
Mike Smith, président de notre équipe

Mike Smith

President, founder and certified guide

A professional sportsman and adventurer by nature, Mike is a visionary; the kind of people who make their dreams come true!

A multidisciplinary entrepreneur in adventure tourism, Mike is the originator of B46 and its pioneering momentum in Canada.

Michel Milette

Technical director and certified guide

An old wolf in the world of enduro, along with watercraft racer, Michel is our field expert, finest strategist when it comes to planning a circuit and finding human and technical solutions to any hurdle. His unparalleled analytical skills make him the perfect ally in ensuring that everything stays safe and under control.


Michel Milette, directeur technique de notre équipe
Giancarlo acario

Giancarlo Macario

Business Development Director

Passionate about adventure and nature. Strong supporter of personal initiatives and entrepreneur. Over 30 years of experience in consumer goods  markets, in the areas of business strategy, marketing and finance.

Fabienne Macé

Marketing and communications director

A photographer by profession and happy when she is surrounded by nature, Fabienne quickly lets herself be seduced by all kinds of original adventures far from civilization.

To share her passions, she likes to play with images, words and convey emotions.

Fabienne Macé Photographe